Emergency is a scary word.It becomes even more when we fall in a situation of emergency.It can be of any kind ; an illness,an accident or a disaster.
When we are faced with such a situation,it is likely to cost us heavily in terms of money.Such situations come usually when we least expect them or are under prepared to deal with them.
Insurance plans can significantly reduce the burden from an emergency condition.It is really important that we recognise the importance of Insurance and go for Insurance Plans depending upon our requirements.
We can go for Health insurance,Auto Insurance,Life Insurance,Term Insurance,Accident Insurance or Home Insurance for appropriate risk management.We really need to be aware of the risks in life and the ways to deal with them without affecting our finances hard.

Do We Need a Travel Insurance for a Trip

In the scorching heat of summers,I planned a family trip to a hill station to get some respite from heat.Everything was planned in advance and hotel bookings have been done.As the day of departure neared,the risk of trip cancellation loomed on as it was getting difficult to get …
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Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana

Accidents are a part of our life nowadays in one form or another.Although physical loss due to an accident is not possible to recover,we can lessen the impact an accident may have financially on our life.Accident Insurance is there to take care of that issue. Currently available accident …
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Term Life Insurance –The Best Life Insurance

By definition,Insurance is an agreement between a company and a party where the company takes the guarantee to pay the compensation forĀ  loss or damage to assured in return of a payment, in the form of premium, from the party.The assured can be an individual,his/her health,a vehicle or …
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Do you have your wallet protection

Wallet is a very important part of our day to day life.We carry our Credit Cards,ATM Cards,Cash and other important documents which may include Driving License,PAN ( Permanent Account Number ) Cards or Passport with us in Wallet.To carry credit cards and ATMs have become our need as …
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