Investments make an important part of our personal finance.We go for jobs or businesses to make money and get financial and social security for us and our families.Investments are also done to create more money from spare money we have.
The funda of Investments is to make money by ‘doing nothing’.We need to choose an Investment vehicle wisely and after that our only job left is to track our investment and give it sufficient time to work in our favour.Small investments started at right time can do wonders for us in creating wealth over long periods.
It is important that we don’t get confused between investments and savings.Both work in different ways although they serve same purpose over the long run.

Does Averaging Stocks Make a Right Strategy

There is a simple motto to make to make money in stock markets.’Buy Low and Sell High’.That means you buy shares at low market prices and sell them when the price reach higher levels.The difference between your selling price and buying price makes your profit. But,is this formula …
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Should You Subscribe To UFO Moviez IPO

Another Initial Public Offering or IPO is in queue to open next week.UFO Moviez India Ltd which is India’S largest digital cinema and movies network is coming up with its IPO which shall open for subscription for the investors. The issue is of about ₹ 600 crore.The price …
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