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Income Tax

Paying Income Tax is really an unpleasant thing to do for taxpayers.You like it or don’t like,you would have to pay the income tax.Only the thing you can do is to reduce that burden by proper tax planning.And your tax planning should not start in last few weeks of month of March.
To make tax saving pleasurable and easy to do,always start tax planning from the start of each financial year.Just calculate your total tax liability for the year using a tax software start saving for tax from the day one. This helps in getting better returns on your saved capital under tax planning .Always try to exhaust all the provisions offered by the income tax rules to save income tax under various sections.

Use Your Trading Losses to Save Tax

We know how hard it is to make money out of share markets.It takes so much of bearing with the stress of ups and downs in markets,risk of losing invested capital and the pains of research to find a suitable share to invest. When we succeed in making …
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