Trading is more of an art.You would need the knowledge,practice and patience to master the art of Trading.The acquirement of these skills differentiates a good trader from a trader.Trading is not just all about executing the transactions for buying and selling the securities.Trading requires you to have a control on your emotions if you aspire to be a good trader.Greed and Fear are these emotions and they are considered the biggest enemy of a trader.Your success in being a good trader depends upon how you deal with these emotions when you are there in the middle,apart from being a good technical analyst.

Intraday Trading-Formulas and Rules

Intraday Trading is an alluring idea for traders to make quick money in stock markets. After all,who would not be interested in making some quick bucks in a matter of minutes or hours.That is the reason of its popularity in a section of traders. Intraday trading or daytrading, …
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How to Make Money in Stock Markets in Easy Way

We know how hard it is to make money in stock markets.It takes a lot of hard work in the form of research,mental toughness and fight with human emotions before you come out as a winner.You can’t just buy shares and later sell those shares and make money …
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Cheap Brokerage Plan For Intraday Trading On Offer

Brokerage charges are an important factor to consider while choosing a suitable stockbroker.Brokerage charges  cost you dearly if you are a heavy trader,especially if you are in daytrading.Finding securities brokerage firms providing low brokerage charges is a tedious job. ICICI Securities,a leading stockbroker for online trading, has come …
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Are Stock Markets Really A High Class Gamble ?

Different people have different opinions about stock markets.There is a section of people who consider working in stock market as a high class gamble.Then there is also a set of people who earn their livelihood by trading in stock markets on regular basis.But it is also a fact …
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Importance Of Open Interest In Determining The Market Behaviour

Market Traders have to consider a lot of factors on which the price behaviour of a security depends,before entering a trade.They study technical charts,technical indicators,market trend and current sentiment in the markets.Another factor which plays an important role in determining the future price behaviour of a security is …
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