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Welcome to the TradingTechnicals! This blog is for educative purposes about how to trade stocks, how to start investing in stocks and Mutual Funds and Financial Planning Tips. TradingTechnicals was started in 2013 with an aim to help learning all these products to the stock market aspirants and especially to the beginners.

I am Bikramjit Singh, the author of this blog. By profession, I am Masters in Surgery and working as a specialist doctor in a government hospital. This is my love for stock trading and stock markets that I am here with you sharing my content at TradingTechnicals.

As any ambitious person, I also wanted to make quick and big money. I got to know of markets and decided to try a hand there. But there was nobody to guide me properly. I had to turn to Google to find any clues. It took a lot of time before I could get started in stock markets. I went through plenty of articles to learn about how to start trading.

The journey had begun. I also attended few training classes to sharpen my trading skills. After going through lot of research, literature and training, I started doing well in stock markets.

One day suddenly an idea came to my mind about helping and guiding the aspirants and beginners so that they could also have a smooth journey from a beginner to good trader. I am not saying that I have become an expert in stock markets. Actually it is an ever learning process and I am also yet a student to the markets.

I am here just to share my knowledge and experience with you guys. Hope your cooperation and support!