Hey Guys, Welcome to TradingTechnicals! Myself Bikramjit Singh,the author and editor of this blog.By education,I am a M.B.B.S., M.S. professional from the prestigious Medical College Patiala.Currently,I am working as Medical Officer with Government of Punjab. You might be amazed that how a medicine guy is in blogging and that too in the niche of stock markets.Actually this is my sheer passion for the markets.I entered the arena of stock markets in 2008,purely for curiosity sake.Being a novice in trading,i suffered losses for the first year just like other traders in the markets.I was advised not to play with fire and quit trading. But i didn’t like to come out like a loser.Moreover, I was determined to take my money back from the markets which I had lost in initial phase.I decided to acquire comprehensive knowledge and take my self to higher level.This led to me to online stuff and web tutorials about the markets and trading and sharpen my instincts.Bikramjit Singh

An aim to be a successful stock marketer kept me going on.Those days,the broking house,with whom I hold my Demat account,was carrying on regular learning classes for new market entrants at a nearby city.This couldn’t have come at a better time for me.I grabbed the opportunity and with some spare time available from my regular job I enrolled for the classes.This happened to be very useful and to take my knowledge to next level.Moreover,Now I was a certified stock marketer after receiving certificate from them. The hard work of those days started bearing fruits after 2-3 years when my success strike rate improved significantly and i have taken trading as my part time business by now. In October 2013,I decided to start a blog for sharing my knowledge and experiences of stock markets and trading with the market enthusiastic so as to provide my share of knowledge and guidance.From being a novice trader in 2008-2009 to 2013,I believe I have come to a stage where I could manage a blog regarding trading and investing in stock markets,although nobody is never perfect in stock markets and this is an ever learning process.

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