Nifty Outlook

In Nifty Outlook,I express my views on the Indian Stock Markets Index,Nifty.Whenever I see a meaningful structure on daily or weekly technical chart of Nifty which may be of help to traders or investors,I share it with Nifty Outlook.
We know how volatile the stock markets remain.Looking at the technicals in a chart,it is never easy to predict the market moves accurately.So many factors affect the market moves apart from purely technicals.
It is always advisable to understand and manage the trading risks properly before going for a trade.Never underestimate the importance of Stop losses in trading and look to exit the markets immediately when your targets are met or you have made a reasonable return on your trade.

Gujarat Election-Will Nifty Sustain the Breakout?

Nifty has been consolidating in a broad range of 10000-10500. In the last few weeks we saw sharp moves in Nifty. When it showed signs of breaking down, it sharply reversed its trend and hit new highs. After hitting new highs,it drifted sharply lower scaring the traders.It kept …
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Nifty may move to levels of 10730

Nifty index has been maintaining a strong up trend. It is at its all time highs. Recently, it has broken above a rising trend line. Looking at the daily candlestick chart for Nifty, it appears preparing for more upmove. It may head towards 10730 level in coming days. …
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Outlook for NIFTY for the coming Trading Sessions

For the previous week, Nifty continued to face resistance in 5900-5950 band on the upside.As you can see in fig 1, the upper trend line joining previous highs made by the Nifty gives resistance levels around 5920-5930 for the coming days. Fig 1 Fig 2 If you see …
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