Brokerage charges are an important factor to consider while choosing a suitable stockbroker.Brokerage charges  cost you dearly if you are a heavy trader,especially if you are in daytrading.Finding securities brokerage firms providing low brokerage charges is a tedious job.

ICICI Securities,a leading stockbroker for online trading, has come up with a new Brokerage Plan for intraday trading.This new brokerage plan is I-Gain Plan.This plan is applicable only for Intraday Trading,for the traders who are in daytrading in stop loss based derivatives segment only and that too for Nifty Contracts only.

ICICI Direct offers stop loss based derivatives products like Future Plus and Option Plus in their trading account.These products are available for daytrading only and offer extra cash leverage in the form margin than usual derivatives.This enables you to take trading position in Futures & Options segment with comparatively small margin amount than traditional derivatives.

Brokerage plan for intraday trading

The stockbroker offers I-Gain Plan for these segments only for Nifty Contracts,in Futures as well as Options Contracts.The Plan is not applicable on trades for other securities yet.So if you are a Intraday Nifty Trader,I-Gain Plan may be a good option for your online trading business.

The unique feature of I-Gain Plan is its ‘Pay only when you make profit’ scheme.That means you shall be charged brokerage charges only for trades making profits.In case you incurred loss in a trade,you shall not be charged any brokerage.

Normally,brokerage charges are levied by the brokerage firms irrespective of profits or losses on a trade but in this case it is not so.This is a big respite for intraday traders who had to bear the dual burden of capital loss as well as brokerage charges in case of losing trades.

The brokerage charges for Future Plus vary between 0.030 – 0.050% on total turnover and for Option Plus vary ₹ 45 – 95 per Lot for profit making trades depending upon your already active brokerage plan.There are no charges for loss making trades,the unique feature of this Plan.(See details below)

Brokerage Plan for intraday trading

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