nifty trading strategies

Nifty Trading Strategies for Short Term

Nifty trading strategies is about my views on the Indian stock markets index,Nifty.Whenever I see a meaningful structure on daily or weekly technical chart of Nifty which may be of help to traders or investors,I share it here under Nifty trading strategies. We know how volatile the stock markets remain.Looking at the technical in a chart,it is never easy to predict the market moves accurately.So many factors affect the market moves apart from purely technical. It is always advisable to understand and manage the trading risks properly before going for a trade.Never underestimate the importance of Stop losses in trading and look to exit the markets immediately when your targets are met or you have made a reasonable return on your trade.

March 10,2015 – In our previous review in Nifty, We were expecting levels of 10900. However, Nifty broken the consolidation on the downside in the previous trading sessions. This opened the lower targets of around 9950 on Nifty. Hence, any up side in Nifty towards 10330 should be utilized to create short positions for the lower targets. Keep stop-loss around 10430.

February 23, 2018 – Indian stock markets saw severe declines in February following global markets. After declining about 8%, Nifty is trying to settle around current levels of 10300-10400. Further downfalls seems unlikely for the time being as global markets are finding support around current prices. On weekly technical chart, Nifty is holding the floor of 10276 which is likely to sustain. But that does not mean that the trend of the markets have changed. We may see some relief rally towards 10900 in the month of March. However, traders need to be cautious right now and do not get carried away by the random up moves. Let the market move out of recent consolidation range of 10300-10600. Then only long positions should be considered. In the last week, Nifty closed near 10500 level. It may make an attempt towards 10600 in the coming week. However, Nifty visiting again towards 10350 level is very much possible. As the short term indicators have started generating buy signals, traders should find opportunities to go long in market. Ideal levels to go long in Nifty would be either above 10600 or on a decline towards 10350. Targets can be around 10900 or higher. Stop-loss for the trade should be placed around 50 points lower than those levels.

February 1, 2018 – Nifty has a rising wedge pattern at weekly technical chart. This suggests that Nifty has a strong support at 10800. If it sustains above 10800, Nifty may move towards 11800 in coming 1-2 months of time.Keep stop-loss 100 points lower than 10800.

January 14,2018 – After under performing Nifty for some time in the recent rally, Bank Nifty seems ready for its own rally. Looking at the short term technical chart patterns, Bank Nifty looks like headed towards 26500 levels in the coming 1-2 weeks. For that up move, it has to sustain above 25500 levels. Short term trade can be initiated in Bank Nifty around current prices of 25600-25700 for the mentioned higher targets keeping stop loss at 25500.

December 17,2017 – Gujarat election results favourable to markets may lead Nifty heading to all time highs of around 10800. Technically patterns also suggest the up move in the stock markets.However, unfavourable election outcome may trigger selling in the market towards lower supports of Nifty around 10000.

October 27,2017 – Looking at the daily candlestick chart for Nifty, it appears preparing for more up move. It may head towards 10730 level in coming days. For that, Nifty needs to stay above 10230 level. Traders may trade long in Nifty for higher targets. Keep stop-loss around 10200.

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