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Trading is more of an art. It is an exciting business if you learn it thoroughly. Once you learn trading, it is a lifelong business for you to make money from stocks.

With stock trading, you make money buying stocks at low prices and selling them later on at higher prices. You can also trade in falling markets by first selling at higher prices and later on buying back and lower prices to close your trading position. This is called as Short Selling.

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You would need the knowledge, practice and patience to master the art of Trading. The acquirement of these skills differentiates a successful trader from a trader. It is not just all about executing the transactions for buying and selling the shares.

Different types of tools are available for you to trade. It can be Cash Trading, Margin Trading, Futures Trading and Options Trading. It is you to decide which trading tool suits you best.

Each of these tools has its own advantages and disadvantages. Weighing these factors, you choose suitable trading tool for you.

It requires you to have a control on your emotions if you aspire to be a good trader. Greed and Fear are these emotions and they are considered the biggest enemy of a trader. Your success in being a good trader depends upon how you deal with these emotions when you are there in the middle, apart from being a good technical analyst.

The Margin Trading Mystery Revealed

Having a stock trading strategy and sufficient capital are the most important things you need to make money in the stock market. With enough capital and no strategy, you would be left with no capital at all very soon. In that case, you need to move onto another section and …

4 Stock Market Intraday Trading Tricks

Intraday trading offers a very good tool to make quick money in financial markets. But if it is done without proper plan and research, it can lead to significant losses also. Here are some stock markets intraday trading tricks which will help you make decent money by intraday trading. Important …

How to Pick Intraday Trading Stocks?

Intraday trading stocks need to be selected carefully. There are hundreds of stocks available in the market for trading. You can pick any stock there but still the stocks for intraday trading should have certain properties. Be it an intraday trading or a positional trading, the stocks should meet more …

Intraday Trading Formulae and Rules

The intraday trading formulae are useful for finding your Target price and Stop loss in intraday trading. Apart from these formulae, Intraday trading requires to follow certain day trading rules, strict concentration, discipline, hold on your nerves and the last but not the least, the technical analysis to succeed. Intraday …

How To Trade Morning Star Pattern

Morning Star Pattern holds an important place in technical analysis. Morning Star Pattern is a reversal pattern and a bullish candlestick patterns. It forms after a sharp decline in stock prices or stock markets. Morning Star is a term which indicates light after darkness. After the ‘darkness’ of price fall …

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