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Trading is more of an art. It is an exciting business if you learn it thoroughly. Once you learn trading, it is a lifelong business for you to make money from stocks.

With stock trading, you make money buying stocks at low prices and selling them later on at higher prices. You can also trade in falling markets by first selling at higher prices and later on buying back and lower prices to close your trading position. This is called as Short Selling.

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You would need the knowledge, practice and patience to master the art of Trading. The acquirement of these skills differentiates a successful trader from a trader. It is not just all about executing the transactions for buying and selling the shares.

Different types of tools are available for you to trade. It can be Cash Trading, Margin Trading, Futures Trading and Options Trading. It is you to decide which trading tool suits you best.

Each of these tools has its own advantages and disadvantages. Weighing these factors, you choose suitable trading tool for you.

It requires you to have a control on your emotions if you aspire to be a good trader. Greed and Fear are these emotions and they are considered the biggest enemy of a trader. Your success in being a good trader depends upon how you deal with these emotions when you are there in the middle, apart from being a good technical analyst.

19 Important Short Term Candlestick Patterns

Candlestick Charts are the most popular charts used in technical analysis. The reason is the Candlesticks display more information about price action. Candlestick patterns tell about the psychology of market participants on the chart. Although Bar charts also reveal the same information. But the candlestick charts do that in a …

How to Read MACD in Technical Analysis

Understanding and knowing how to read MACD is important for success in trading. It gives reliable buy and sell signals. Reading MACD or Moving Average Convergence Divergence is an important part of technical analysis. MACD is a technical Oscillator. In fact, MACD is a dual indicator. This is because it …

Cheap Brokerage Plan For Intraday Trading On Offer

Brokerage charges are an important factor to consider while choosing a suitable stockbroker.Brokerage charges  cost you dearly if you are a heavy trader,especially if you are in daytrading.Finding securities brokerage firms providing low brokerage charges is a tedious job. ICICI Securities,a leading stockbroker for online trading, has come up with …

Should You Subscribe To UFO Moviez IPO

Another Initial Public Offering or IPO is in queue to open next week.UFO Moviez India Ltd which is India’S largest digital cinema and movies network is coming up with its IPO which shall open for subscription for the investors. The issue is of about ₹ 600 crore.The price band for …

Use Your Trading Losses to Save Tax

We know how hard it is to make money out of share markets.It takes so much of bearing with the stress of ups and downs in markets,risk of losing invested capital and the pains of research to find a suitable share to invest. When we succeed in making profits on …

The Factors Affecting Option Prices (UPDATED)

Option Price involves two components – Intrinsic Value of Option and Option Premium. Option Premium is the value we get by subtracting the Intrinsic Value of Option from the Current Market Price of that particular Option. Only In-the-Money Options have Intrinsic Value (explained below). Time Value of Option and Uncertainty …

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