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Futures & Options (F&O) are a lucrative trading tool for the traders. They are different from the cash segment trading. They make the derivatives segment.

Derivatives literally means ‘derived from’. Futures & Options are derivatives derived from the underlying stocks.

The reason for the popularity of F&O is the high cash leverage they yield to traders. They enable traders to take big market positions with limited cash available.

This helps in reaping substantial profits with limited cash. An important thing to mention here is that losses are also substantial in Futures & Options trading.

Futures trading is more risky as compared to Options trading. Profits and losses are unlimited in Futures trading. In Options trading, the profits are unlimited while the losses are limited if you buy Options. It is vice versa if you sell Options.

Futures & Options trading requires very careful planning and technical research before you jump into trading. If done with discipline, it can be highly rewarding to traders.

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