Technical Analysis

Does Averaging Stocks Make a Right Strategy

There is a simple motto to make to make money in stock markets.’Buy Low and Sell High’.That means you buy shares at low market prices and sell them when the price reach higher levels.The difference between your selling price and buying price makes your profit. But,is this formula …
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Are Stock Markets Really A High Class Gamble ?

Different people have different opinions about stock markets.There is a section of people who consider working in stock market as a high class gamble.Then there is also a set of people who earn their livelihood by trading in stock markets on regular basis.But it is also a fact …
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Technical Chart Patterns in Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis is the art of reading and analyzing the Technical Charts.Traders tend to take their trading decisions on the basis of various Chart Patterns formed in a chart for a stock.If you follow these Chart Patterns,combined with other technical indicators,the likelihood of going wrong with your trade …
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