Trading is more of an art.You would need the knowledge,practice and patience to master the art of Trading.The acquirement of these skills differentiates a good trader from a trader.It is not just all about executing the transactions for buying and selling the securities.It requires you to have a control on your emotions if you aspire to be a good trader.Greed and Fear are these emotions and they are considered the biggest enemy of a trader.Your success in being a good trader depends upon how you deal with these emotions when you are there in the middle,apart from being a good technical analyst.

How to Pick Intraday Trading Stocks?

Intraday trading stocks need to be selected carefully. There are hundreds of stocks available in the market for trading. You can pick any stock there but still the stocks for intraday trading should have certain properties. Be it an intraday trading or a positional trading, the stocks should …
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How to Make Money in Stock Markets in Easy Way

We know how hard it is to make money in stock markets.It takes a lot of hard work in the form of research,mental toughness and fight with human emotions before you come out as a winner.You can’t just buy shares and later sell those shares and make money …
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Cheap Brokerage Plan For Intraday Trading On Offer

Brokerage charges are an important factor to consider while choosing a suitable stockbroker.Brokerage charges  cost you dearly if you are a heavy trader,especially if you are in daytrading.Finding securities brokerage firms providing low brokerage charges is a tedious job. ICICI Securities,a leading stockbroker for online trading, has come …
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Are Stock Markets Really A High Class Gamble ?

Different people have different opinions about stock markets.There is a section of people who consider working in stock market as a high class gamble.Then there is also a set of people who earn their livelihood by trading in stock markets on regular basis.But it is also a fact …
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Importance Of Open Interest In Determining The Market Behaviour

Market Traders have to consider a lot of factors on which the price behaviour of a security depends,before entering a trade.They study technical charts,technical indicators,market trend and current sentiment in the markets.Another factor which plays an important role in determining the future price behaviour of a security is …
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Understanding Futures Trading

Futures make one of the two segments in Derivatives Trading,other being the Option Trading.Futures are quite popular among a section of traders who like to play the financial markets with cash leverage.Futures Trading is not available for all the stocks listed on a stock exchange.It is for the …
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